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Annie’s Closet new Web-site host

We’ve some exciting news at Annie’s Closet as we have completed a move to a new website provider, based in the UK.

Our new website has the same URL … –  but has become a lot more feature-rich, responsive, crisper and offers an overall, more professional and pleasurable shopping experience for our very valued Customers.

We hope that you don’t mind receiving this newsletter highlighting the changes that we have undertaken. If you would like to continue receiving occasional updates from us, you will have the opportunity to sign up for our newsletters when you visit the new site.

A few of the new features available on the site include the ability to create a wishlist. You can add items to your wishlist and e-mail this to your friends.

Alternatively …

As part of your new Account options, you also now have the ability to add event reminders, so that you can receive an e-mail from Annie’s Closet with the latest and greatest offerings any time of the year, (for example a week before your best friend’s birthday). Never be in a position where you have to rush out and buy an emergency present because of your hectic life 🙂

Another fantastic addition to the website is our Loyalty Point offering.

Our customers are very important to us at Annie’s Closet, and we love to say thank you with our loyalty points scheme.

You will earn points every time you shop with us. For every £1 you spend, you will receive 1 point. Each point is worth 1p off your next order.

We also have regular loyalty point giveaways. This can take many different forms, via the web-site, our Facebook page, Twitter feed, or Instagram account.  Also, for our customers who kindly write a website review on our products, they will earn 5 extra loyalty points per review.

All you need to do to start saving them right now is sign up for an account with us and place your first order online. Once your first order has been placed you’ll be able to log in to your account and view your account details and total points earned.

As an extra bonus for helping share Annie’s Closet with your friends, the loyalty bonus is doubled if you choose to share your purchase on your facebook page. This is easily done when you are at your basket by selecting the “Get Facebook Bonus” button.

Loyalty Points Terms & Conditions can be found on the website.

For our existing Customers, a consequence of moving to this fabulous new site is that you will need to reset your password, as it is not possible to port over all your details, including the encryped password. When you first attempt to log in, your original password will fail. You will be able to reset this by clicking on the “forgotten your password” option and following the instructions. We really hope you want to do this, and subscribe to our newsletter to get the occassional message about sales, discounts, give-aways and other such great stuff.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this, and thanks for your support and Custom. We really value it


And so it begins

A friend has started blogging. I think will be a fun, entertaining and enlightening journey if he sticks with it.

Goldies Chatter

Like a lot of people I’ve always felt like I had something in me. I don’t mean in an ooo-err missus Carry On kind of way, I mean something literary……a book, a sitcom, a song or two. Something. Maybe this blog is it.

I’ve been on a journey for 45 years now and it’s the well-trodden path taken by countless people before me. Average childhood and a half-decent education leading to, well, nowhere really. Like almost everyone else I fell into the job trap but to be honest I didn’t see it as a trap and actually, compared to most, I don’t actually feel trapped.

But I don’t feel fulfilled and I know Joe, my business partner in my “proper” job, won’t mind me saying this because he and I have had the same conversation. We both fell into our careers. We didn’t choose them and really they didn’t choose…

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Build up to Christmas 2015

I know … it’s been a long time again 😦

It’s so busy at Annie’s Closet there just isn’t enough time or energy left at the end of the day to write a blog.

Since 1st November Annie’s Closet has taken part in over 30 events … Sometimes 2 in one day, and recently, 2 at the same time, with a friend attending a home party locally, while I hosted an Open House. We’ve taken the Closet on the road from Guildford, over to Tonbridge, down to Eastbourne and over to Worthing …. and loads of places in between.

In addition to hosting parties, we had the honour of being invited to support a Respite Care Home charity event in Alford, (Cherry Trees Respite Care).  Wonderful days were had taking Annie’s Closet to  Lingfield Park Race Course, Bolney Wine Estate, and the headquarters of Companies like Kuoni, TUI, Virgin Holidays,  plus some that would rather not be mentioned, as they don’t want to be inundated with requests from other businesses.

shelf Coffee morning - Karen Coffee morning in Warnham - Kathy Party in Dorking for Clare

The website, has seen an influx of activity and fills every other waking moment not taken up by the above, and my 2 wonderful(ly active) daughters.

From a Social Media perspective, we have almost 4,200 followers on Facebook, nearly 500 followers on Twitter, (which we are now starting to utilise a bit more) and over 200 people in our Google+ circles and now we’ve started posting to Instagram and Pinterest. Our army of Customers, supporters and followers has seen us soar up the ladder of “Social Influencers” and see’s us with a Klout score of 62, which is amazing for a business in it’s infancy 🙂

From a product point of view, there are so many new items in, it’s impossible to even list them all, so definately a visit over to the website is a great idea for presents for your wife, mother, daughter or friends 🙂

website picture

Here’s a little snifter of some new offerings …

Dog Messenger Bag - Pink Horse Messenger Bag - Cream Little bird Messenger Bag - Ivory Butterfly Coin Purse - Cream Little Bird Coin Purse - Rose Owl Coin Purse - White Gloves - Black Gloves - Pink Gloves - Purple Black Butterfly Pink Heart Pink Rose  Snood - Purple Winter Flowers - Blue

We’ve also hosted a fair number of giveaways on our the Facebook page, and received some incredible feedback from Customers .. There are over 150 “5*” reviews from across the globe, (as far east as Australia and as far west as Colorado in the US).

There’s always still time for a little bit of fun though, and some of the eCards we’ve posted have been very popular …. 🙂

Christmas tree joke What i'm getting for christmas wine o'clock

On the whole, it’s been a wonderful year with Annie’s Closet, and we will most definitely be enjoying the well earned rest, that, if last year is anything to go by, will only start on Christmas Eve when the final request for a “last minute present, please can I pick it up” is handed over to our wonderful Customers.

If I don’t have time again before, I hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year x

Great couple of weeks, and more gorgeous new stock


Well, in the the last couple of weeks, Annie’s Closet has been incredibly busy.
On Thursday 6th February, I was back at Kuoni’s Headquarters. I had a great time seeing all the girls there again, and with fantastic sales I was able to donate £50 to the wonderful Born Free Foundation that is sponsored by Kuoni Travel.

Friday 7th and Saturday 8th Feb saw Annie’s Closet in a pop-up shop in Swan Walk, Horsham. I was invited, along with a selection of local crafters and other mumpreneurs, to sell our goods and raise money for Age UK. In all, The Horsham arm of Age UK successfully raised well over £1000 for a marvellous cause.

In those 3 busy days, there was still time to attend a Pamper Evening in Ashington on Friday night, which was another lovely evening, with lots of laughter and a few glasses of wine for those who lived within walking distance of the venue 🙂

Fortunately, a few days at home has given me time to update the Facebook page and website with the new stock that was also delivered during this busy time. Here’s a few of the recent additions, (just a few though as there have been 20 new designs and colours)

Butterfly Print - CreamBirds in a Tree - Green Birds in a Tree - Pale PinkDaisies - PinkSpring Tassels - Turquoise  Spring Tassels - Pink

I’ve also just received a beautiful selection of “mum and daughter” scarves. A normal size scarf with a smaller replica for the little darling in your life. Check out for a peak before they go on the website.

Come and find Annie’s Closet on facebook or on and pick yourself a treat.



What a difference a post makes


Hi everyone,

So, on 23rd January I posted on Facebook a little reminder that I was available to come visit people’s homes and host a scarf party for them. The host gets a couple of free gifts as an incentive, and in more cases than not, a few unopened bottles of wine left over from what their friends bring over … A great night is had by all.

I didn’t expect such a response though, (it’s going to be a busy couple of months that’s for sure). Unfortunately I had to turn down the request for visiting a Customer in Plymouth, as 200 miles is just a bit too much for a couple of hours.

However, I’ve been able to say yes to requests in Bletchingley, Reigate, Woking, Redhill and Horley, with 2 more in the pipeline in Godstone and Crawley. Busy busy busy 🙂

I’ll be definitely selling a…

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