And so it begins

A friend has started blogging. I think will be a fun, entertaining and enlightening journey if he sticks with it.

Goldies Chatter

Like a lot of people I’ve always felt like I had something in me. I don’t mean in an ooo-err missus Carry On kind of way, I mean something literary……a book, a sitcom, a song or two. Something. Maybe this blog is it.

I’ve been on a journey for 45 years now and it’s the well-trodden path taken by countless people before me. Average childhood and a half-decent education leading to, well, nowhere really. Like almost everyone else I fell into the job trap but to be honest I didn’t see it as a trap and actually, compared to most, I don’t actually feel trapped.

But I don’t feel fulfilled and I know Joe, my business partner in my “proper” job, won’t mind me saying this because he and I have had the same conversation. We both fell into our careers. We didn’t choose them and really they didn’t choose…

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