Annie’s Closet is 1 year old.

A year ago on 15th October, I never expected to be where I am now…Annie’s Closet was launched around 9pm on 15th October 2013 with a few scarves on my dining room table, a new facebook page and crossed fingers!

Happy 1st Birthday

Fast forward a year and I am now sat in my newly converted office (which also doubles as a great hideaway from my 2 cheeky little girls!!) and I’m having to pinch myself. I’ve been attended many Corporate lunches, community fund-raisers, charity events, parties at homes and am ready to have an open day in my new “office and showroom”.

There’s hardly a spare evening between now and Christmas where I don’t have a party to host for a new or existing Customer.

To all my lovely lovely Customers and those who continue to recommend Annie’s Closet – THANK YOU.

To my friends and family, thank you all for supporting me – I know I talk a lot about my little business but it’s because I love it so much!

Finally, thank you to ‘Mr’ Annie’s Closet who works very hard on the ‘techy’ side and behind the scenes, I couldn’t do this without you xxx

I really do hope to find the time to blog more often, but might have to employ some staff to help me out  🙂


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