New website, loads of new stock and a new office/showroom.

It sounds like a confession in a church … it’s been over 200 days since I’ve sat down and considered writing something in a blog šŸ™‚

So much has happened for Annie’s Closet in this time, that I think it’s best to just list some of them and then take a breath rather than “wax lyrical” for page after page, (although, I suppose that is the point of a blog).

Highlights of the year to date have got to be, (in no particular order)

1. Converting the garage to an office/showroom.
2. Having a logo professionally designed to match the Annie’s Closet image.
3. Expanding the merchandise from fashion scarves to include messenger bags, purses, (full-size and coin) and scarf holders.
4. Re-developing the website to match the Annie’s Closet brand. Annie’s Closet is now a full-blown eCommerce experience.
5. Getting nominated for a “Mumpreneur’s Award” for best start up business, 2014. (Judging not concluded yet)
6. Breaking 3,300 facebook likes, 200 twitter followers, and scoring higher in Social Media rankings than most Professional Marketing Companies šŸ™‚

Maybe that’s why I don’t find time to write a blog ……

Please visit and see exactly what I mean by expanding the business from what it was.

Hopefully I’ll have time to write some more blogs now my youngest is doing a couple of days at pre-school … but I seem to be filling that time up already with work.


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