What a difference a post makes

Hi everyone,

So, on 23rd January I posted on Facebook a little reminder that I was available to come visit people’s homes and host a scarf party for them. The host gets a couple of free gifts as an incentive, and in more cases than not, a few unopened bottles of wine left over from what their friends bring over … A great night is had by all.

I didn’t expect such a response though, (it’s going to be a busy couple of months that’s for sure). Unfortunately I had to turn down the request for visiting a Customer in Plymouth, as 200 miles is just a bit too much for a couple of hours.

However, I’ve been able to say yes to requests in Bletchingley, Reigate, Woking, Redhill and Horley, with 2 more in the pipeline in Godstone and Crawley. Busy busy busy 🙂

I’ll be definitely selling a few of these – Image

I have been trying to find some helpful scarf-tying hints online the last few days … There are lots of 1 off pages showing “x amount of ways to wear a scarf” etc, however, when printed off, they don’t look great. Countless hours of effort trying to get some of these pages looking good to take with me to scarf parties has proved fruitless, so my next job, (when I’ve convinced husband to take the children out for a few hours) is to try and bring some of the pictures and demo’s together into a presentation that I can have on my tablet ….  (maybe husband will have to take children out for the weekend !!)

From a Social Media perspective, Annie’s Closet has been very busy this week increasing our “reach” … We now have a “klout” score of 54.46 … which probably means something to someone, and if it does to anyone reading this, please enlighten me :). I’m reliably informed that for a small business brand to reach that in only 3 months is very good, and I should be grateful that my husband is doing it all for me …. But I’m not telling him that !! 🙂

I think what I’ll do is a giveaway on Sunday, not because it helps my Social Media “footprint” or “reach” or whatever it’s called, but because I love seeing everyone try and win a scarf …

Bye for now x


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